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These days it's unusual for a basketball player to spend all his career at one club, but that's just what Paul Arizin did with the Warriors between 1950 and 1962, making him a real five star Philadelphia legend. Even all these years later his career record holds up against the very best, which is why he was named one of the NBA's fifty greatest players of all time in 1996. Did you grow up listening to stories of how amazing Pitchin' Paul was? If so let's see how much you remember with our challenging, if fun, Paul Arizin quizzes.

Which high school team, unbelievably, said that Paul Arizin wasn't good enough for them? He amassed over 16,000 points in his career, at what average per game? How tall was Pitchin' Paul? It's time to prove that you're a warrior with the questions. 

How big of Paul Arizin fan are you?

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    What move was Paul Arizin famous for in the NBAs infancy?

Paul Arizin Questions and Answers

  • What move was Paul Arizin famous for in the NBAs infancy?
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  • What team did Paul Arizin play for in 1956 that won the NBA title?
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  • What other NBA great went to Paul Arizins high school 1 year after he graduated?
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