Pans Labyrinth Quizzes & Trivia

Pan’s Labyrinth is a brilliant blend of fantasy, sci-fi and horror. Some have dubbed it the grownups’ Alice in Wonderland. The movie is set during the Spanish Civil War. A girl with an overactive imagination ventures into a stone labyrinth where she encounters the mystical creature known as Pan [Doug Jones].
The creature convinces the girl that she is a lost legendary princess, who needs to return to her underground home, by completing three life threatening tasks. Do you know that Doug Jones was the only American on set? Do you know that Guillermo del Toro gave up his whole salary for the film to become a reality? The questions in these quizzes are not as life threatening as the tasks Ofelia [Ivana Baquero] has to carry out. But do you have the heart to take them on?

Are you a true movie buff? Can you answer these questions on the 2006 movie Pan's Labyrinth? If yes, then this one's for you!

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  • Sample Question
    In "Pan's Labyrinth", what captures Ofelia's attention and lures her to the labyrinth?