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Pac-Man is an arcade game designed and released in Japan in 1980. It's licensed for sales in the United States by a body which makes the game famous. This game created a convention for a maze chase genre which makes it...

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    Where was Pac Man designed? 

Pac-Man is a series of arcade game. It is fun and interesting to play. Do you think you know more about this game? Take our quiz to prove your knowledge.

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    Which of the following designed the Pac-Man?


Pac Man Questions & Answers

Was Pac Man ever programmed for a home based console or PC?
It was originally, and consistently an arcade game but its popularity made it obvious to cater for the home market so it was then progammed for home game consoles. Many family members spent too long fascinated by the play! Its designer, Iwatani, had
When was Pac man made?
Pac man was released in 1980. It was developed in Japan by one, Iwatani, who had no training or experience in gaming. However, he decided to offer something different, based on comic characters. When Pac-Man was released, the most popular arcade vide
What is the highest possible score on Pacman?
Pac man's design team have probably reached the highest possible level. The information given is that they reached 25,000 levels. If you've played Pac man and got to even a dozen levels you'll have felt you're doing well! However, it is reliably rec
Was Pac Man the first video game?
No, Pac man was not the first video game. It was the first of its kind, however. Games before this depended wholly on aiming and shooting, with various effects when the target was hit. Pac-man escaping from ghosts who became faster and more numerous
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