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  • Why can't we simply fill in the ozone hole with a man-made ozone?
    Why can't we simply fill in the ozone hole with a man-made ozone?
    Ozone layer is not constant. The ozone in the layer continuously forms and continuously breaks down. The emission of CFC’s had increased the rate of its breakdown which led to its depletion in the past.So if we consider creating ozone artificially, then it has to be created continuously. Also a way of putting the artificially created ozone in the ozone layer has to be found. The cost that will be incurred in generating and placing ozone in ozone layer will be tremendous and obviously unfeasible. There will also be other negative environmental effects that will follow the production of artificial ozone. It is best that the ozone layer is left alone and the CFC emission is reduced so that the layer fills itself naturally.

  • Which of these is not a property of ozone?
    Which of these is not a property of ozone?
    It forms the ozone layer which absorbs and blocks harmful radiation of the sun into the Earth.

  • What part of the atmosphere contains teh ozone layer?
    What part of the atmosphere contains teh ozone layer?
    The ozone layer is located in the stratosphere. This is the layer that is closest to earth after the atmosphere we know and breathe here. It’s important to note that the ozone layer is extremely close to earth. This is because its doing its best to block UV rays from getting to earth, to protect us. When UV rays hit our skin, the first signs we have had UV damage come in the form of sunburns. Granted, tans usually mean that we have had UV exposure too, but if it comes from routine, short exposures, it isn’t as bad as other kinds of tanning. Sunbathing, without sunscreen application, can lead to more UV damage than what can be seen with just a sunburn. The ozone layer is important, and the proximity to earth only helps it do its job.

  • How do CFCs destroy ozone?
    How do CFCs destroy ozone?
    A chlorine atom from a CFC combines with one oxygen from ozone and leaves a two- atom oxygen molecule.

  • How does too much ozone at the earths surface affect humans?
    How does too much ozone at the earths surface affect humans?
    All of the above

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