Ozone Quizzes & Trivia

This is one of the vital elements to our survival. It is part of our atmosphere and it is important in protecting the earth from various elements from outer space that could endanger us. How much do you know about ozone in general? Enough maybe to answer the questions we prepared for you? These are not easy questions though. Don’t believe us? Take a look at a few samples here!

What is the chemical formula of ozone? Why is it dangerous to heat the condensed ozone liquid to its boiling point? The ozone layer is responsible with absorbing what kind of rays from the sun? So are you fit to take this challenge? Get out there and show us how much you know about ozone.

Examine the many dangers of Ozone.  Explore the issue of ozone as it relates to air pollution.

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    Where in the atmosphere is ozone good?

A short quiz on the greenhouse effect and ozone depletion (chapter 16.2).

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    Which planet is the closest to the Sun and what is the day and nighttime temp. of this planet?

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    It is hypothesized that increased inputs of CO2 and other greenhouse gases from human activities could enhance the earth's natural greenhouse effect and raise the average global temperature of the atmosphere near the earth's surface. What is this enhanced greenhouse effect usually called?

Ozone Questions & Answers

Why can't we simply fill in the ozone hole with a man-made ozone?
Ozone layer is not constant. The ozone in the layer continuously forms and continuously breaks down. The emission of CFC’s had increased the rate of its breakdown which led to its depletion in the past.So if we consider creating ozone artificia
Which of these is not a property of ozone?
It forms the ozone layer which absorbs and blocks harmful radiation of the sun into the Earth.
What part of the atmosphere contains teh ozone layer?
The ozone layer is located in the stratosphere. This is the layer that is closest to earth after the atmosphere we know and breathe here. It’s important to note that the ozone layer is extremely close to earth. This is because its doing its bes
How do CFCs destroy ozone?
A chlorine atom from a CFC combines with one oxygen from ozone and leaves a two- atom oxygen molecule.