Oz The Great And Powerful Quizzes & Trivia

This movie was one of the most successful in its year if we consider the financial aspect of the business. Directed by one of the most experienced people when it comes to science fiction movies, Oz the Great and Powerful was truly an impressive work. Oz the Great and Powerful is a 2013 American fantasy adventure film directed by Sam Raimi, from a screenplay written by David Lindsay-Abaire and who else?

Based on L.Frank Baum's Oz novels and set 20 years before the events of the original novel, Oz the Great and Powerful is a spiritual prequel to the 1939 MGM film named how? At the Emerald City, Oscar meets Theodora's older sister Evanora, the Royal Advisor, who tells him the Wicked Witch resides in the Dark Forest and can be killed by destroying what? Do you know enough about this movie?

Find out if you are Oz, Glinda, Evanora, Theodora, Finley, China Girl.

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