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I am going to use this Quiz to see if you fully understand the topic of Oxidation and reduction. you are gonna take this quiz after my presentation...its easy trust me. afterwards, I will grade each one of you out of 100. Good...

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    The terms Oxidation and Reduction both have direct polar opposite defintions.  what is each term defined as?

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    Which of these is not a protease that acts in the small intestine?

Oxidation states simplify the whole process of working out what is being oxidized and what is being reduced in redox reactions. See if you can guess the following oxidation numbers. 

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    What is the oxidation state of sulfur in S2O3?

This quiz will test you on the material given to you in the two Wikipedia articles and the YouTube video.

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    In a reduction reaction, the element gains electrons.

Oxidation Number Questions & Answers

What does LEO says GER stand for?
1. LEO- Loss of Electrons is Oxidation, GER- Gain of Electrons is Reduction
What must always occur in redox reactions?
Redox reaction occurs when one substance gets oxidized and another one gets reduced in the same chemical reaction. In fact, every redox reaction has two parts: the oxidation and the reduction.
What is the oxidation state of phosphorus in P2O5?
+5 is the answer 2x+(-2 x 5)=0 2x-10=0 x=5
Which substance does phosphorus have a +3 oxidation state?
We know thatk=1h=-1o=-21 + 2-1 +3(x)=0-1+3x=03x=1x=1/3