Over The Hedge Quizzes & Trivia

Dream Works have become the kings of modern fun animation films that are enjoyed by the whole family, and with Over The Hedge they didn't disappoint. Can RJ the raccoon and his animal friends outsmart the humans who live over the hedge, or will his cunning schemes finally land him in real bother? Movie goers of all ages soon found out, and it remains a popular choice for family entertainment to this day.
Show just how much you and your family loved it, by taking our Over The Hedge quizzes. Which came first, the movie, the cartoon, or the video game? Which intergalactic star actor provided the voice for Ozzie, and which singing sensation voiced his daughter? You'll love our quizzes just as much as you loved the film.

Interested in some trivia on Over the Hedge (2006)? Let's get kicking

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    Which comedian voices Stella, the sassy but insecure skunk in "Over the Hedge"?