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It has been said that the past is another world, and if it is then it's certainly a more exciting and romantic world. That's why historical romances like Outlander by Diana Gabaldon are so stunningly successful. What would happen if a modern nurse somehow travels back in time to 18th century Scotland? Fans of Outlander know the answer to this, so if you're a fan of this book and its subsequent series you should try our Outlander quizzes.

In which year was Outlander published to great acclaim and with great sales? In which year did a television adaptation of the novel first appear on the Starz channel? Where is Claire when she suddenly faints? Hopefully, you'll do outstandingly well in our Outlander quizzes.

The Outlander is a very captivating read in which we get to follow the fight for Claire Randal to survive after she was taken back in time to a place where she is not safe. Below are sixteen questions you are not so likely to be...

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    When Claire came through the stones, what was the date?

"Outlander" is a television drama series based on the time travel novels by Diana Gabaldon. Are you a fan of this fantasy series? Take this quiz to find out which "Outlander" character you are!

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    How would you describe your personality?

Quiz yourself and see how much of  a DG fan you are. The quiz covers books 1-7 of the Outlander series.

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    What is Claire's favotie swear phrase?

Outlander Questions & Answers

What is the motto of Clan MacKenzie?
Excuse me you state this response is incorrect--you may want to re-read the books. The question ia, "What is the MacKenzie motto? It is "TuLach Ard" The motto of the Fraziers is "Je suis prest!"
What was the name of the man that beats Jamie at hall?
1. AngusAngus Mohr hits Jamie in the face until he bleeds when Jamie steps in for Laoghaire. Ned Gowen is the lawyer. Dougal stood next to Colum and Rupert was likely no where around.
What was the date when Claire came through the stones?
Frank and Claire were in Inverness during Samhain - Halloween - and it was shortly after that she went through the stones - disagree with your answer. Or maybe the problem is that she went through more than once?
Who did Claire marry at the little Scottish Chapel?
1. BothWhen Claire is brought to the chapel to marry Jamie she realizes that in the future she married Frank in the same chapel only now it looks newer.