Out Of Africa Quizzes & Trivia

Sometimes a film can define a decade, and that's the way to look at Out Of Africa. It's a film so powerful, so loved, that it encapsulates everything that was great about 1980s cinema. Working from a classic source novel, the stellar cast made this a film that will stay in the memory forever and one that brings colonial Africa to life. If you're one of the many people who think this is one of the greatest films ever made, then you'll have to try our Out Of Africa quizzes.

Do you know the name of the writer who wrote the original novel, and where was she born? Which African country forms the backdrop for the film? How many Oscars did the movie pick up? If you can remember these and more, you should get a great score.

Are you a Out of Africa (1985) addict? Attempt this quiz and find out for sure

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  • Sample Question
    In "Out Of Africa", Karen Blixen married a friend so that she could receive what title?