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Orphan Black is a popular television series, one which has enjoyed a decent run and a significant fan base. Can you list how many seasons this television series enjoyed? Do you know who produced it? Many people do not realize that out of all television shows and movies, William Shakespeare is actually the most filmed author, something many fans of this movie might know. Shakespeare has been filmed in modern adaptations, parodies, and films.

If you think that you really are a fan of Orphan Black, and that you know all there is to know about movie and television trivia, then try your luck with one of our many exciting online quizzes. See what you can come up with today. 

When you are a clone there is always going to be attention coming your way and scientists fighting to get their hands on you but in the book we got to know that instead of running it is better to stand up and fight. Orphan Black...

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    Authority is?

World Orphan Week 2008 The orphan crisis is not a well-covered issue. However, it is a massive humanitarian crisis, with millions upon millions of children affected. Take this quiz to test your knowledge of orphan issues,...

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    There are approximately how many orphaned children in the world (meaning both of their biological parents have passed away)?