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If there's one country that loves baseball just as much as the United States then it has to be our near neighbour Cuba. One of the greatest, perhaps the greatest, pitchers ever to come from that enigmatic island is Orlando Hernandez. He has a pitching style all of his very own, with his leg so high in the air you worry that he might fall over. Don't worry, it's normally the opposition who are taking a fall. If you love watching Orlando in action, you should see how much you know about him by taking some of our Orlando Hernandez quizzes.

Do you know the nickname of Orlando Hernandez? Who did he play for in the Cuban National Series? In which year did he cross the waters to join the MLB? What color medal did he win at the Barcelona Olympics? Here come the questions.

How big of Orlando Hernandez fan are you find out?

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    Orlando Hernandez is half-brother to which Major League pitcher?

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