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Oranges are some of the most powerful citrus fruits on the planet. That pack quite a punch of vitamin C. If you’re someone who loves fresh squeezed orange juice for breakfast, a few orange slices as a side for a healthy lunch, and little orange zest on your chicken and dinner, you’re going to have a blast with this tangy and tasty quizzes.

Test your knowledge of this delicious citrus today. Which U.S. state’s flower is the Orange Blossom? What percentage of orange production goes to making juice? True or false: the orange was the first fresh fruit to bear a trademark. Which country produces more oranges than any other country in the world? Give your brain and your immune system a boost by taking these quizzes and snacking on an orange.
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Remedial ini diperuntukan bagi para siswa yang belum mencapai kriteria ketuntasan minimal dalam pelajaran geografi kelas XII IPS 

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    Orang yang sangat berjasa dalam pembuatan peta untuk geografi adalah ...

Perhaps you are used to the yellow face or semi red color in oranges. In that case, let me introduce blood orange to you. Literally, it looks like life human blood, but it’s a delicate fruit. I’m sure...

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    The distinctive dark flesh colour is due to the presence of?

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Orange Questions & Answers

How to make different color combinations look orange?
If my understanding of this question is right, I believe you are asking how to make orange color from different color combinations. However, the following steps will guide you through the process:   1. Get red and yellow color: Orange is usua
What is the difference between Tangerine and Clementine?
The two major types of mandarin are tangerines and clementines. The botanical name for tangerine is citrus tangerine, as it belongs to the citrus family and also of orange color. Conversely, the botanical name for clementine is citrus reticulata. Thi
What is the difference between Orange and Tangerine?
If you want a citrus fruit, you may reach out and grab an orange or a tangerine. They may look similar because they are both orange, but they are two different fruits. They do belong to the same family and taste almost the same, but they are differen