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    In what class did North check Sang’s homework?

Written by Donna Jo Napoli, North is novel talking about a young man who escapes and runs away from home with the objective of going as north as he possibly could. Have you read the book? Attempt the quiz.

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    How old is Alvin?

Quick Quiz for Those who think they know North Tyneside   By Aidan  8R  PHSCE

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    Who is the mayor of North Tyneside?

The North Began

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    Who wrote "the North Began"?.

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North Questions & Answers

Some countries, such as Libya, now draw water from ___________________, or underground rock layers through which water flows
It's aquifers, aquifers are unf=derground rock layers which water flows. Desalinization is the process that removes salt from seawater. Totallly different thing.
Why did Southerners oppose bills in Congress that would federally fund internal improvements?
D. They felt it would benefit the North much more than the South.