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The man they call the Ryan Express has done it all when it comes to baseball. He's won the World Series, been an eight time all star, and the eleven time strikeout champion. In fact, he still holds the record for most strikeouts in major league history. Not content with that he even went on to be the CEO of Texas Rangers, fully deserving of his place in their hall of fame.
You wouldn't be alone in thinking that he's one of the greatest players ever to pull on a glove in anger, so have some fun with our Nolan Ryan quizzes. In which year did Nolan Ryan make his MLB debut? The Ryan Express also holds the all time record for the number of career no-hitters, how many did he have? Let's hope your quiz effort isn't a no-scorer.

Playing baseball for 2 decades plus, this great American was a pitcher with steel for arms and a stance that seems bolted down with titanium. During his days, Nolan Ryan set a lot of records that were just mouthwatering. In...

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  • Sample Question
    After when did Ryan sign a lucrative free-agent contract with the Houston Astros?  

How much do you know about Nolan Ryan?take this quiz and find out now

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    How many one-hitters did Nolan Ryan have to go along with his record-setting seven no-hitters?


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