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Reliability, durability and dependability; these are only some of the words that can be used to describe this hard proven and trustworthy brand of communication equipment. But hold your horses, was Nokia always a telecommunications manufacturer?

Let’s have a go and test your Nokia-fu a bit: Where does the name Nokia come from? When was the company established and what did it originally produce? Okay okay, so you might have gotten those right, but let’s go for a more in depth sweep and test more advanced knowledge: which was the first Nokia device to sell over a million units?

When was the “connecting people” motto introduced and by whom? What kind of dual input capability does the Nokia N97 have? Right on! So you think you’ve done pretty well so far? Then have a wiz through these quizzes and let’s see how well you fare against Nokia’s finest!

Nokia Questions and Answers

  • Twilight Sparkle is trying to send a text on her Lumia 520, however she cannot send or receive them. She has tried all the basic steps, switching her phone off and on, manual roam, checked her local service status which is all good and she can make phone calls. What can she try next?
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  • Apple Jack is agitated as she has just bought a Lumia 1020 that froze while browsing the App Store. It's become completely unresponsive to touch screen and button presses. What's the first step to resolve this issue?
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  • Which of these Nokia Lumia Range runs Windows 8?
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  • OVI Music est...

  • Lapplication OVI Store pour mobile est-il disponible en français ou en anglais?

  • Nokia Messaging en France a les characteristiques suivants:

  • Qual o tamanho do visor do Nokia 1800.

  • Qual das seguintes funcionalidades não fazem parte do Nokia 1800.

  • Qual o tipo de conector aúdio do auricular do Nokia 1800.

  • What is Navisworks used for?
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  • What is SDS/2 used for?
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  • What is Inventor used for?
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