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The likes of Federer, Djokovic and Nadal may have taken most of the tennis plaudits in recent years, but there was a whole host of talented players right behind them. One such player is Nikolay Davydenko, and in any other era he could have been a multiple grand slam champion. In 2006 he reached a career high world ranking of 3, which shows the amazing ability he had with a racket in his hands.
Do you know more about the men's tennis game than anyone else you know? Well now you can prove it by taking one of our Nikolay Davydenko quizzes. From which Russian city does Nikolay Davydenko originate? How many career titles did Nikolay pick up? Davydenko reached the semi final stage of two grand slam tournaments, can you name them? It's your chance to shine.

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    At what age was Nikolay Davydenko granted Russian citizenship?

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