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There have been many fantasy novels written in the past few years but Night World is definitely among the best out there. The novel for young adults was faced with extremely positive

reviews from most of the critics and it is now time for it to get its own trivia. Have a look at these samples before we start off, though. Night World is a series of ten (with the tenth as yet unpublished) young-adult fantasy novels by what American author? The series presents a story in which vampires, witches, werewolves, and what other monsters live among humans? Although the theme of the "soulmate principle" continues to be present, the later books' plots focus on the search for what? Discover all of the hidden mysteries and find out everything about Night World.

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  • Your see a Dog in the street, what do you do?

  • Your best friend is dieing! How do you respond.

  • Would you rather.....

  • check  the   answer that  best dicribes  YOU
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  • which   girl  do  u  want to  be ??
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  • what would you  want to  be
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