Night Of The Living Dead Quizzes & Trivia

People love to be scared by movies, and one genre of horror can be especially frightening - the zombie movie! The daddy of all zombie films, of course, is Night Of The Living Dead, the 1968 masterpiece from legendary director George A. Romero. Made for a budget of just over a hundred thousand dollars it has grossed tens of millions since, and has inspired countless other horror and zombie flicks.
Do you remember how scared you were after first watching it? Don't be scared; take our Night Of The Living Dead quizzes. Can you remember around what kind of building the action occurs? How many direct sequels did the film spawn, not counting remakes? Why are Barbra and Johnny in the heart of Pennsylvania? Get the questions right, or 'they' could be coming to get you.

The best ever quiz on Movie Night of the Living Dead (1990) Enjoy!

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    What George Romero movie was directed by Tom Savini and starred Tony Todd?