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Everyone remembers Nicolette Sheridan as the worldwide television and film star. Did you know that her role as the blonde star for Desperate Housewives earned her a nomination for a golden globe? Did you know that she is from England and has received awards there for her work in America?

Most people do not know that she studied as a ballerina when she was a child only to transition into theater. Did you know that she is an avid equestrienne and also loves reading the work of the famed playwright William Shakespeare? Are you aware that her mother is also an actress? Or that she speaks fluent Greek? If you think you know it all, take some of our quizzes to find out how big a fan you actually are!

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    Which best describes Nicollette Sheridan?

Nicollette Sheridan Questions and Answers

  • Which best describes Nicollette Sheridan?
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  • Who did Nicollette Sheridan become engaged to in 2006?
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  • For which role did Nicollette Sheridan earn a Golden Globe nomination in 2005?
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