Newsies Quizzes & Trivia

There are lots of films that do only moderately well on their big screen release but go on to enjoy huge success when released on DVD. That's what happened to Newsies, the fun and fact filled musical from Walt Disney Pictures. You know a musical is good when you find yourself humming the tunes for days afterwards, and thanks to a memorable score by Alan Menken, that's exactly what Newsies delivers.
If it's one of your very favorite modern musicals, then you'll hit all the right notes in our Newsies quizzes. Do you know when the stage version of the film was launched?? Which young actor who would achieve great fame starred as Cowboy Kelly? Seize the day, and try our quizzes now.

Test your knowledge on movie Newsies (1992)

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  • Sample Question
    Who plays the evil Mr. Pulitzer in the 1992 Disney musical "Newsies"?