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Neutron Questions & Answers

Who discovered the neutrons?
It was James Chadwick who made the significant discovery of the Neutrons as a third part of the atom. Up until that time, only two particles of the atom was discovered, the Protons and Electrons. But the Newtrons had not been discovered till the disc
Why does hydrogen not have a neutron?
Hydrogen does not have neutron since it is the smallest atom and would mean that it also has the smallest nuclei just enough room for a proton. It does not need any neutron to be stable as it has one proton and one electron that cancel out their char
Why are neutrons released in a fission reaction?
Neutrons are released in a fission reaction because this is very helpful in triggering more events. When the events occur, this would cause the release of even more neutrons that will then lead to even more reactions. This is known to be a natural pr
What is neutronium?
There are still some speculations whether neutronium actually exists or not. At this point, it is a hypothetical substance. It is supposed to be made out of neutrons. This is not mixed with protons and electrons, it is made of just neutrons. This was
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