NetSuite Quizzes & Trivia

This contain questions from the video you just viewed on NetSuite Estimating.

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    To start an estimate what tab to you click on firts?

Answer the following questions about the information just covered about NetSuite. 

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    What is the most popular search method to find almost anything? 

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    Your dashboard can be customized by adding what?

Week 2 NetSuite questions

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    What tab do you log calls and tasks under?

NetSuite Questions & Answers

When can a cash sale be created?
A walk in customer pays with a credit card and all items are in stock.
What is the best way to search for a customer in a sales order if you do not know their customer number?
Using the Last Name and Zip CodeUsing the customers last name and Zip code will bring up the most results. First names can be shortened and will not always pull up the correct information.
Is it true that you are able to email an estimate from NetSuite to your customer?
FalseYou are no longer able to email estimates from NetSuite. You must print and upload to MKWS.
How many ways were described in the PowerPoint to bring up a new sales order?
TwoThe Two ways that were described were locating the sales order quick link and navigating the dashboard tabs.