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Some movies are so controversial when they're first released that people don't notice how great they really are. That's what happened with Natural Born Killers. This tale of morally bankrupt serial killers caused an uproar when it was first shown in 1994, and has been named the 8th most controversial film of all time. Repeated watching also shows that it's a well made and brilliantly acted crime movie masterpiece.
If you were glued to the screen when you first watched it, then take our Natural Born Killers quizzes today. Lead man Woody Harrelson was previously best known for playing which barman? Oliver Stone directed, but which other famous director wrote it? Which road movie did Stone say inspired him during filming? These questions and more are going to slay you.
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How big of a movie buff are you? Play now and score big!

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  • Sample Question
    In the movie "Natural Born Killers", what is the name of Mallory's brother?

Are you a Natural Born Killers (1994) movie addict? Attempt this quiz and find out for sure

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  • Sample Question
    In the movie "Natural Born Killers", who plays Mallory's father?