Nathan Kress Quizzes & Trivia

First known as Freddie Benson on his role for the TV series iCarly in Nickelodeon, this American actor began his career as a professional actor after his parents noticed his knack for memorizing and re-enacting scenes that he saw from television. He is also known for his voice over roles in various shows such as the voices of Easy and Tough Pup in the film Babe: Pig in the City.

Shortly after, he decided to quit from acting for about five years and returned at the age of eleven as the lead role actor in “The Emperor”. After which, his interest in acting and performing as rekindled prompting his parents to home-school him to give him time for acting. Do you know all eleven movies of Nathan Kress? Do know the award he got on 2010? Are you familiar with his nominations in various acting categories? If you’re interested in knowing more about Nathan Kress, then take these quizzes.

How well do you know the famous, handsome actor Nathan Kress? Are you familiar with his career? Take this fun and educational quiz about Mr. Kress and find out how much you really do know!

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  • Sample Question
    Nathan Kress gained popularity from what Nickelodeon television series?

Young actor, Nathan Kress, has starred in popular TV shows and made appearances on other well-known TV series. He is now breaking into the movie scene, starring in a few major motion pictures. Take our quiz to see if you can keep...

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  • Sample Question
    What was name of Nathan Kress' character on the show, "iCarly"?