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Nate Archibald is a retired professional basketball player hailing from America. This player is perhaps well known among many fans because of his fourteen years spent playing the game. He played for many teams during the course of his career, including most famously the Boston Celtics. Can you name the others?

If you answered with Cincinnati Royals and with the Kansas City Kings then you were right. This hall of fame star was an adequate shooter when he shot from midrange and he was well known as an adequate passer during the game. He was perhaps most well known for driving past his defenders as he headed down the court to the hoop. If you know a lot of basketball trivia then take one of our many online quizzes to prove how much you know. 

How much do you know about Nate Archibald?

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    What paperback published in 1999 includes references to Nate Archibald's NBA career?

Nate Archibald Questions and Answers

  • What paperback published in 1999 includes references to Nate Archibalds NBA career?
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  • In 2004 what was Nate Archibald doing to keep busy?
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  • In his 3rd NBA season what did Nate Archibald accomplish?
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