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There are many laugh out loud comedy films out there, but few of them were as quick to gain cult status as the Jared Hess directed Napoleon Dynamite. It takes a common theme, school nerd being transformed into a school champion, and makes it fresh and exciting by injecting off the wall humor at every opportunity. As everyone who has watched it knows, it's very funny, which is why it led to a spin off TV show!
Think you've got skills? Movie skills? Quiz skills? Prove it with our Napoleon Dynamite quizzes. Jon Heder put in an all action, all dancing starring role as Napoleon, but how much (or how little) was he paid for the film? What exotic animal does Napoleon have as a pet? Who does Napoleon want you to vote for? These quizzes are truly dynamite-material.
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    What office did Pedro run for in "Napoleon Dynamite"?

Napoleon is a boy who finds it hard to socialize with people up until Pedro shows up and helps him find the guts to run for class president against spoilt boy summer. How well do you remember the movie and the characters?...

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  • Sample Question
    What do you like to wear in a party?