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With dangerous beauty comes, the impossible. Answering questions about the blonde bombshell Naomi Watts would be as difficult as fighting King Kong or even building a dream house. But answer the questions you shall, you shall have to answer them while we're young.
She's not just known for her acting, however, so are you prepared to be asked questions about her charity work? Which country does she support? But back on to her acting, which television series does she star? And which film series is has she recently joined? It's time to diverge from the normal answers...

How well do you know Naomi Watts​? Let’s find out your knowledge on her

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    Who is Naomi Watts?

Naomi Watts Questions and Answers

  • Who is Naomi Watts?
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  • Which actress became Naomi Watts best friend after they met at a casting call?
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  • Who does Naomi Watts play in the movie "The Ring"?
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