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My Thirteenth Winter is a beautiful and chilling book by Samantha Abeel. This story based on 24 year old Samantha Abeel. Let's start this quiz and learn more about it!

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  • Sample Question
    What is Sam's disability called?

My Thirteenth Winter is a book by Samantha Abeel and it basically talks about her life as a young adult with a math related learning disability. Have you had the chance to read this book? Find out more below.

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  • Sample Question
    What does she have?

Take this quiz on My Thirteenth Winter book, created by by Samantha Abeel and share with friends too! 

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  • Sample Question
    what disorder does sam have?

This book recounts the story about how a learning disability changes the life of young damsel in the 7th grade; her struggles to cope with it and how she found an outlet in writing. Are you sure you have read this book? Let's...

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  • Sample Question
    Who is the book about?

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