My Brother Movie Quizzes & Trivia

Just think of all the classic films that have been set in Ireland. Well to that proud list you can add My Brothers. Three very different brothers set off in battered old van in a journey across Ireland, as they search for a watch for their dying father. There are light moments and serious moments along the way, but at the heart of the film is an exploration of what family and brotherly love really means. If this film touched your heart strings, see how much you remember by taking our My Brothers quizzes.

In which year was My Brothers released? Which football club does Pauli dream of playing for? Which weekend of the year are the three boys traveling on? Brother, it looks like you're going to do well at these quizzes.

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    What does the word headlines mean in the sentence? Orv and Will read newspapers with headlines about flying machines.

Learn interesting facts about My Brother (2006) movie!!!

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    What illness is L'Tisha diagnosed with in the movie "My Brother"?

Yes, this is a different version of my quiz featuring my brothers characters! Dadadada!Had to do that, any who. X3 On with the questions!

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    If you to some how comit a murder, how would you do it?