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You're in a jazz club in the seventies, and the Rat Pack is stepping out onto the stage. What song is playing in the background? A lot of people would say Mr Bojangles. It's the song that captures the mood perfectly, and has become a smooth sounding classic, as well as a favorite of karaoke bars across the globe.

If you sing it yourself, or if it's simply your favorite song of all time, then you'll be singing along as you play our Mr Bojangles quizzes. Who recorded the original version of this much covered song in 1968? Which member of the Rat Pack made this song his own? The story behind the song is fascinating, where did songwriter Jerry Jeff Walker meet Mr Bojangles in real life? Can you sing, tap dance, and still find the correct answers? It's time to find out.

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Mr Bojangles Questions and Answers

  • Where did Mr. Bojangles ORIGINALLY come from?
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  • What inspired Mr. Bojangles and how did this come about?
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  • Jerry Jeff Walker met the real Mr. Bojangles in jail in 68'. What was his (Mr. Bojangles) occupation before coming into jail?
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