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Mood And Tone Questions & Answers

What mood do the details of the poem convey? Read the following poem, "A Birthday" by Christina Rossetti and answer the question below. My heart is like a singing bird whose nest is a weathered...
I chose happiness for my answer becauseof the speaker's word choice. The speaker compares his or her heart to a singing bird, and birds that are singing can be seen as a symbol of happiness. An apple-tree with thick-set fruit shows that the boughs of
Read the following poem, "A Birthday" by Christina Rossetti and answer the question below. My heart is like a singing bird Whose nest is a weathered shoot; My heart is like an apple-tree ...
It is happiness beacause all these scene show the phenomena of nature and in this case we can understand that the poet is very happy because her love is coming to her. And she alsk said that her heart us gladderthan all these sites so this also expla
What mood do the details in the poem convey? Read the following lines from "The Garden of Proserpine" by Algernon Swinburne. Then answer the question below. There go the loves that wither...
Based on the lines that are mentioned. I would have to say C. Sadness and Despair. The way things were described, I can feel that there is remorse in everything that has occurred. There were a lot of things that wasted away without being used properl
Which word best describes the tone? In other words, how does the speaker feel about/toward the subject? “Afterwards we will be as one animal of the forest and be so close that neither one can...
After reading the passage, the tone may not be completely obvious to you. If you look at the answers given, you can automatically rule out urgent and factual. This leaves somber and intimate. Somber is defined as dark or dull in color which doesn't q