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Monta Ellis is an American basketball star who plays for the Dallas Mavericks. He started playing in 2005 after he was drafted to play point guard and shooting guard. He was drafted out of high school. This twenty nine year old player is over six feet tall and weighs one hundred and eighty five points. Do you which team selected him?

If you said the Golden State Warriors, you were correct. Do you know for which team he plays now? And how many teams he has been a part of throughout the course of his career? Put your skills to the test by taking one of our quizzes today. You might be able to stand up to the heat of the other players. 

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    What two positions does Monta Ellis play?


Monta Ellis Questions and Answers

  • What two positions does Monta Ellis play?
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  • What All-Star event did Monta Ellis participate in during the 2007 All-Star Weekend?
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  • In his second season Monta Ellis brought his PPG average up to what?
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