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Modern Times was a comment on the social situation in the world at the time of its release; during the Great Depression. It showed the hardship endured by the Little Tramp character as the audience followed his story. Do you know which iconic star of the big screen portrayed the Little Tramp, and also wrote and directed this thought provoking comedy.

Will you suffer the hardship of answering the questions in our Little Tramp quizzes, or will they be easy for you? Do you know which actress played the Gamin in the film? The movie had a piece of music that was the Romance Theme. This music was later given lyrics; do you know what song it became? If you think you know the answers to these questions then test yourself some more with our Modern Times quizzes. 

Modern Times is the thirty-second album by American musician Bob Dylan. His masterwork reveals the sounds of devotion, mortal love, honesty and everyday life troubles. Did you come across this music composition immortality?

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    When was the album released?

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