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For today’s generation, Milburn Stone might not be a recognizable name, but for the Baby Boomer generation, his acting career is well remembered. Born in 1904, Milburn is most famous for his portrayal of “Doc" (Dr. Galen Adams) on the CBS western drama Gunsmoke.

Do you know how many seasons Gunsmoke ran for? Amazingly, the show lasted 635 episodes and holds the record as United States' longest-running prime time, live-action drama. Milburn stayed on the show for its entire duration. Sadly, Milburn died in 1980 and was unable to star in any of the Gunsmoke TV movies. For fans of Gunsmoke and this legendary actor, there’s no better way test your knowledge by taking one of our Milburn Stone quizzes. Giddyup and get started!

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