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Microsoft Paint Questions and Answers

  • Which of the following will you use to select any irregularly shaped part of the picture?
    Microsoft paint question from

  • Which of the following indicates the current foreground and background colors?
    Microsoft paint question from

  • Which of the toolbox is used to erase areas of your picture?
    Microsoft paint question from

  • To move the picture or drawing to any place and position, use _______________.
    Microsoft paint question from

  • These are dotted lines that show the patterns of the drawing
    Microsoft paint question from

  • To zoom an object in or out, what tool are you going to pick?
    Microsoft paint question from

  • You can set the drawing size of Paint in the computer like choosing the size of paper to use. To set the drawing size, what are the steps to follow?
    Microsoft paint question from

  • I can change line thickness or line colour for all shapes in MS Paint.
    Microsoft paint question from

  • All shapes in MS Paint like ellipse or rectangle shape can only have outlines, they can't be filled with colour.
    Microsoft paint question from

  • The following is a compressed bitmap format suitable for images on the world-wide-web:
    Microsoft paint question from

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