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If you are a true fan of movies, you must have watched The Adventures of Pete & Pete and Buffy the Vampire. Michelle Trachtenberg portrays Nona Mechlenberg and Dawn Summers respectively in these movies. She has also appeared in Harriet the Spy, Ice Princess, Euro Trip, 17 Again, and Black Christmas. Michelle’s mother is Russian, her father is German, and she is of Jewish descent.

Michelle Trachtenberg is not an ordinary actress; did you know that she made her first television appearance at the age of three? She did this in a commercial for Wisk detergent. She has featured in over 100 commercials. Did you know that she speaks Russian quite fluently? Did you know that she celebrate both Hanukah and Christmas? Learn more with these quizzes.

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    On which show did Michelle Trachtenberg play the character of Dawn Summers?

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    Where was Michelle Trachtenberg born?

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