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Michael Phelps competed in his first Olympics when he was 15, the youngest in 68 years. That was the start of his Olympic career. Since then, he has been setting records, breaking records, and winning medals. He has made his home country, The United States of America, very proud and happy. Do you believe that Michael Phelps was afraid to put his head under water when he was 7? Yes, the Olympics swimmer was scared of water.

Obviously he has overcome his fears. Do you know that Michael Phelps set the record for winning the most Olympics medals? Do you know how many medals he has? Do you know that Phelps is the first athlete to win eight gold medals in a single Olympics? Take these quizzes and test your knowledge about the swimming extraordinaire - Michael Phelps. You will have fun, test your knowledge, and learn new and interesting things about this fantastic swimmer.

Do you really know Michael Phelps? Do you deserve to be called a Phelps Phan? Take this test to prove it.

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    Where was Michael Phelps born?

This is a quiz to test your knowledge on Michael Phelps' life and achievements.Good Luck

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    What is Phelps' hometown?

What comes to mind when you think of the finest most decorated athlete of all time winning? Well, we personally think of Michael Phelps. The person who has won 28 medals over a course of his career. Phelps redefines...

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    Which year did Phelps participate as a USA Olympic team member?

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