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There may be a wide variety of people named when the list of greatest athlete of all time is mentioned, but that list gets extremely short when the conversation turns to the best basketball player of all time. Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls played for 15 seasons and won 6 NBA championships. He also played in All Star games and won MVP awards, but do you know how many times?

Everyone remembers Jordan’s famous number 23, but what other numbers did he wear throughout his career? Famously, Michael Jordan attended the University of North Carolina, but do you happen to know his major? And of course everyone remembers Jordan’s decision to play baseball and retire from the NBA, but what really drove that decision? Only the true Jordan fans will know, so take the quizzes and test your MVP knowledge.

This is going to be a quiz about Micheal Jordan Biography.

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    In what team Michael Jordan won 3 titles?

When it comes to Basketball, Micheal Jordan is a household name. He is an American retired basketball player who is among the best players in the game even after retirement. Though he had never claim to be the greatest player,...

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    How many seasons did he play in the National Basketball Association? 

Learn more about basketball steps by taking this interesting trivia about Michael Jordan!

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This Quiz is about Michael Jordan I made it for a school project. Take the quiz and learn about Michael Jordan or if you are a Michael Jordan fan see if you really are.

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    How old is Michael Jordan?

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