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Mexican food is the most loved cuisine across the world for its hot spicy taste and the use of healthy ingredients like tomatoes, avocados, garlic, tomatoes, cumin, oregano, and more. If you consider yourself a food expert, check out our online Mexican food quizzes to see how much you know about this savory cuisine.

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Take this quiz to find out how many of these Mexican foods you know.

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    This dish is called menudo 


Mexican Food Questions & Answers

How long can Mexican food/dishes be stored in the fridge?
There are different Mexican dishes that are available. They come with different ingredients that can make some easier to perish as compared to others. For example, a burrito that will come with cream or other white sauces will be more likely to spoil
What Mexican dish starts with the letter "w"?
The correct answer to this question is: There are no Mexican dishes which starts with the letter “W”. The reason for this answer is because the letter W is very seldom used in their own language. A little research would inform you that th
Can Mexican food cause high blood pressure?
Mexican food, just like any food, can cause high blood pressure. However, it is also worthy to mention that not all Mexican food can affect a person’s blood pressure. If you are wondering which ingredients you need to avoid to keep your heart h
Can eating Mexican food cause constipation?
No, eating Mexican food cannot cause constipation. However, eating certain ingredients found in certain Mexican dishes can actually cause constipation. It is not right to say that all Mexican food can cause constipation because that is not really the
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