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What things should I know when buying a Mercedes Benz?
One of the most important things you need to know before purchasing a Mercedes is the cost of maintenance. The luxury brand cost a lot to maintain. To keep your warranty in certain countries, you can only service your car with a dealer of Mercedes,
What qualities make Mercedes cars so expensive?
The quality of parts and components used in design: this luxury brand use high quality parts in designing their cars. The interior design, engine, wheels and other parts of their cars are always top notch. Use of latest technology: Mercedes is one o
Why are Mercedes so expensive?
Mercedes produce luxury and sporty cars, this explains why they are expensive. This brand is known for introducing new technologies before any other automobile manufacturers or brand, this puts them ahead of others. Mercedes use premium quality par
Why should I buy a Mercedes Benz?
You should buy a Mercedes Benz because of the high technology and new innovations the company introduces to their cars. The technology introduced take other automobile manufacturers a long time to achieve. Mercedes Benz is first in innovation. Merce