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Some of the funniest things that happen in life have gone beyond wacky, beyond zany even, so that they can only be described as mental. It means that the fun isn't planned and regular, and certainly isn't boring, it's unscripted and off the cuff, and all the better for it.

Do you like to have mental fun from time to time? Do you love films like Freddie Got Fingered? Sometimes it's good to embrace the wilder sides of our character, so get ready to play our mental quizzes. You'll be asked some of the most mental questions ever about great comedy moments in films and even from real life. You still have to find the right answers to pick up the points however, isn't that mental?

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  • You are walking along the street but suddenly you see a really hot person from the opposite gender. You are about to go up to them and start a conversation, (and definitely fall in love)  but then you see that your arch nemesis (same gender as you) is trying to do the same thing. What do you do?
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  • You are at school but then you see the most popular girl in your grade and her gang bulling your best friend. What are you going to do?
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  • Where would you like to be this summer? 
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  • Do you sometimes feel you have no need for sleep?

  • Do you feel so low at times that it hurts?

  • Do you feel so happy sometimes to the point that others worry?

  • What is your favorite breakfast meal?
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  • Which animal would you most like to be?
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  • What's your poison?
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  • You do not have well-defined goals or goal specificity. You lack direction.

  • You perform better in practice than during competition, performance or on tests.

  • You worry about what others think about you and how you are performing.