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Some of the funniest things that happen in life have gone beyond wacky, beyond zany even, so that they can only be described as mental. It means that the fun isn't planned and regular, and certainly isn't boring, it's unscripted and off the cuff, and all the better for it.

Do you like to have mental fun from time to time? Do you love films like Freddie Got Fingered? Sometimes it's good to embrace the wilder sides of our character, so get ready to play our mental quizzes. You'll be asked some of the most mental questions ever about great comedy moments in films and even from real life. You still have to find the right answers to pick up the points however, isn't that mental?
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Do you feel so happy sometimes to the point that others worry? Do you ever see or hear things when no one is around? Do you know that the things you see or hear aren't real? Do you ever think so fast that when you talk your...

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    Do you sometimes feel you have no need for sleep?

Are you really mentally tough? The first step to get this answer is self-assessment. You may have already identified some weaknesses that may affect your performance. We hope that we can help you identify all your areas of...

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    You do not have well-defined goals or goal specificity. You lack direction.

Have you ever stopped to think that maybe you’re just a little bit different? Whether it’s the voices in your head or an urge to act out of control sometimes, maybe there’s something about you that sets you...

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    What is your favorite breakfast meal?


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    Is anxiety about or avoidance of places or situations from which escape might be difficult or in which help might be unavailable?

   Department of Health Website on the Mental Capacity Act  provides more information 

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    Watch this short video on the Bournewood Ruling then test your knowledge of the Mental Capacity Act 2005. When was the Mental Capacity Act implented

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Mental Questions & Answers

What does assessing for no refusals mean?
The assessment for no refusals is to make sure that the person being assessed hasn’t already made a decision about a treatment when they were mentally able to do so. This is to make sure that, if so stated, they don’t go against a patient
Is this the right test to practice for the mentally challenge kids?
I’m not sure the kind of test you may have in mind; nevertheless, there are a variety of tests that could be administered to mentally challenged kids, all depends on your discretion. Your focus shouldn’t be the type of test to practice; t
A person has capacity if they can do which of the following tasks?
When a person has capacity it means that they can absorb information and are able to make a decision whether you do or do not agree with them. It is within their ability to make a decision that is important and not just a decision that you would agre
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