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Is it true that adults should get at least 15 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity most days of the week?
FalseAdults should get at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity most, preferably all, days of the week. Moderate-intensity physical activities are those above normal routine activity. They include walking briskly, mowing the lawn,
Men are more likely than women to attempt suicide.
FalseWomen are three times more likely to report attempting suicide than men. However, men are four times more likely to actually die from suicide. In 2004, 80% of suicide deaths were among men. If you or someone you know is in a suicidal crisis, con
A mans exposure to substances in the workplace can affect his ability to have healthy children.
TrueA mans exposure to certain substances in the workplace can affect his ability to have healthy children by affecting sperm, sexual performance, and pregnancy. Also, certain substances unintentionally brought home by a worker may affect a womans re
Males are more likely than women to die from injury in the workplace.
TrueOf the US workers that died from injury at work in 2005, males accounted for 93% of all deaths and had a work-related fatality rate about 12 times the rate for females. Rates increased with age. Most fatal workplace injuries were due to highway i