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Maurice Benard’s appearance on the ABC soap opera, General Hospital is what has made him to be known. Here he portrayed Michael Corinthos, Jr., a romantic mobster. Maurice started his acting career in 1987 as Nico on the soap opera All My Children. From 1991 to date he has taken up different roles in 11 movies, in addition to the roles he has played in several television series.
Maurice has been nominated for many awards throughout his career. May be you know much about Maurice, but did you know that he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at age 22? Maurice has since become a spokesperson for treatment of bipolar with Mental Health America. Did you know that Benard now lives with his family in Temecula, California?

Smitten by the good-looks of actor Maurice Benard? Well, let's see how much you really know in this quiz!

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    Maurice Benard was born on March 1, 1963 in what California city?

Test your knowledge of all things relating to Maurice Benard.

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    Maurice Benard plays what character in "General Hospital"?