Mary Poppins Quizzes & Trivia

Mary Poppins is a fabulously entertaining Disney film which was produced in 1964. Having received a great deal of popularity and success system continues to be a fan favorite from Walt Disney. It is over two hours in length and follows a brother and sister who are children of an uptight family and are faced with a new nanny. Only they come to find out that this new nanny is magical. Soon the two children embark on a series of adventures with the nanny and her friend.

Starring such great names as Julie Andrews and Dick van Dyke, this particular film will remain in the hearts of Americans for decades to come. If you know everything about Mary Poppins and the number of awards it has received, put your fan knowledge to the test by completing one of our quizzes.

Take this exciting Mary Poppins (1964) movie quiz and have some fun!

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  • Sample Question
    Who does Dick Van Dyke play in the 1964 movie "Mary Poppins"?