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Mark Schultz is an Olympic wrestler and a two-time world champion wrestler. He is actually listed in the national wrestling Hall of Fame as a distinguished member. In addition to that he is listed in the California wrestling Hall of Fame and the San Jose sports Hall of Fame. He and his older brother are both wrestlers were winners of gold medals in the 1984 Olympics.

This pair won world championships and Olympic championships. Today they have one more titles than any other brother combination throughout history. If you know everything about their athletic careers, coaching, competitions, and personal life, compare your knowledge to other fans by completing one of our fun quizzes. 

This quiz is to determine which Olympic athlete Mark Schultz you are?

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    Mark Schultz's "Letters From War" was used in whose 2004 ad campaign?

Mark Schultz Questions and Answers

  • Mark Schultzs "Letters From War" was used in whose 2004 ad campaign?
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  • In "Walking Her Home", Mark Schultz sings of a couple from first date to what?
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  • Mark Schultzs song "The Chosen Son" deals with a personal experience with what?
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