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  • The grievance system in not to be used to resolve problems and conflicts for which there are separate review provisions established by the ________.
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  • At each level of the grievance system, the employee shall be permitted _________ to assist in the preparation and presentation of a grievance.
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  • There are no provisions for representation by legal counsel in the grievance system.
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  • You should take attendance on show days. True or false?
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  • When do press releases go out?
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  • A Best of Season show is?
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  • What are some primary responsibilities of an Expediter?  
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  • Actively SELL the first five tickets Constantly VERIFY where all food is on the next five and last five Look at the WHOLE line of tickets for selling opportunities Thoroughly READ and MARK all tickets as they come onto your rail   These are some things that must occur in order to make the three primary responsibilities possible.    
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  • Food Quality is the number one priority of an Expediter.
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  • Submission of correspondence for signature is normally submitted in what format?

  • Classified information can be sent by regular email

  • For Correspondence, what size text should be used?

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