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  • How big is the manatee population in U.S. waters?
    How big is the manatee population in U.S. waters?
    Manatees are mammals that can be found in a few places around the world. Since manatees like waters that are not deep but somewhat swampy areas, they have been found in the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea. Located here are about 3,000 manatees. They are also found in the Amazon area and in African waters. Florida also sees many manatees because of the saltiness of the water. They can also be seen in Cape Cod. Manatees do not necessarily live in cold waters during the winter time. If they are cold, they will migrate to warmer waters or they will move toward the flowing of water where it may be warmer. Even though there are a few thousand manatees, it is hard to figure out how many there truly are.

  • How far north do manatees usually go during the summer months?
    How far north do manatees usually go during the summer months?
    Manatees are mammals that live in the ocean. They are also called sea cows. They are quite large and swim frequently around the ocean. During the summer months, the manatees get hot from the heat of the sun. However, they will swim further north in order to be in cooler temperatures. They will travel as far north as Virginia. The manatee can weight over 1,000 pounds and resembles part dolphin and part whale. The manatee has a lip that can grab hold of things. This is used for feeding purposes and communications. The eyes of a manatee are far apart. Most of the teeth in a manatee are located along side near the cheeks. They do not have certain teeth like incisors.

  • How many species of manatees are there in the world?
    How many species of manatees are there in the world?
    Even though there are actually four species of manatees, there are only three of those that are considered actual species of this animal. These include the Amazonian manatee, the West Indian manatee and the West African manatee. The Amazonian manatee lives near the Amazon River. It can be found in the countries of Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Brazil and Peru. Besides the dwarf manatee, the Amazonian manatee is the smallest manatee. The West Indian manatee has two types. This manatee can be found off the coast of Florida, Caribbean islands and parts of South America. The West African manatee can be found in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of West African countries like Senegal, Angola, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Guinea, and Sierra Leone.

  • How old do manatees live to be?
    How old do manatees live to be?
    The manatee is a big animal that lives in the ocean. There are different types of manatees, but they primarily have to live in warmer climates. The reason is that manatees can’t live in cold waters. So, they need to live in waters at least 65 degrees warm or warmer. If the water gets too cold, the manatees must travel to warmer waters. There are other ways that threaten the safety of the manatee. Polluted oceans can make these animals sick. Also, manatees are mammals so they must come to the surface to breathe in air. Being so close to the surface presents a problem to manatees. They could be hit by a boat or by its propellers. Otherwise, the manatees usually live to be 60 years old.

  • What are the effects of moderate amounts of fiber in your diet?
    What are the effects of moderate amounts of fiber in your diet?
    Fiber should be a part of everyone’s diet due to its healthy benefits to the body. If someone eats more fiber, they should also drink more water. When someone eats more fiber, then the glucose levels won’t increase as quickly. It will also affect the insulin in the body. Finally, the fiber will create lower cholesterol levels. There are several ways in order to increase your fiber intake. First, eat whole grain foods like bread. Also, eat more cereals, but be careful that the cereal has more fiber in it and not more sugar. People should also eat more beans and fruits. Flaxseed should also be mixed into foods in order to increase the fiber. Last, eat more raw veggies in order for there to be more fiber in your system.

  • What color are manatees?
    What color are manatees?
    Manatees are, for the most part, the same colors and that color is gray. Their skin may be a little splotchy but they are mainly a gray color. They have a big upper lip that can catch food by grabbing onto it. These animals are have a short mouth or snout. In a round way, their eyelids close. Most of the manatees only have a few teeth on each side. The shape of its tail is significant since its paddle-like appearance makes it easier for the animal to move through the water. Even though most mammals are known for having seven neck vertebrae, manatees have only six. Manatees live off of plants most of the time. They have a stomach that helps digest the plants.

  • What is a cause of death for manatees?
    What is a cause of death for manatees?
    Manatees are marine animals that also have to be mammals. These sea creatures have a backbone, lungs, produce milk for their young and are warm-blooded. However, there are certain main causes for the deaths of manatees. They could lost their habitat because of pollution or that these animals must move if it gets too cold. After being in cold water for a long period of time, these animals could get sick. They need to move to warmer waters in order to survive. Pollution also presents a problem for all animals that live in the ocean including manatees. Dirty waters could cause these animals to get sick. Also, manatees, unlike other marine animals, must come to the ocean in order to breathe in air, so they may get struck by boats.

  • What is a manatee's greatest threat?
    What is a manatee's greatest threat?
    Manatees like other marine animals must endure the problems associated with living in the ocean. Humans often will pollute the rivers in their local areas. Many big factories will dump their pollution into the rivers. The rivers then move the water to the ocean. The manatees may get sick or disease from the polluted rivers. Their flippers may get tangled with the debris thrown into the oceans. Also, manatees may get caught in a boat’s propellers. Since manatees have to resurface to breathe, they must stay fairly close to the surface where boats are. Finally, the manatees can only live in warm temperature. If the temperature drops below 60 degrees, they must move to warmer waters. Otherwise, these manatees could get sick and die.

  • What is the longest time a manatee can be submerged under water?
    What is the longest time a manatee can be submerged under water?
    Since a manatee is still considered to be a mammal, it can’t stay under the water its whole life. Instead, it must come up to the surface to breathe in oxygen out of the air before diving back into the ocean. Mammals have lungs and must breathe the air. Fish can breathe in the water using their gills. However, many marine mammals that spend a great deal of time in the water. They can spend a much longer time underwater than the average human being. Manatees must live in warm water and will travel to other parts of the ocean. These animals can go under the water and stay there for about 20 minutes. Then they must resurface to breathe in air with their lungs.

  • What long do adult manatees grow?
    What long do adult manatees grow?
    Manatees will mate about every other year. When they give birth, it is usually only one calf. After that, the calf lives with the mother or father for about a year and a half before the mother allows the calf to live and swim on his own. When the manatee grows up, it can swim a few miles per hour. Manatees are quite intelligent with their memory and learning. Their learning behavior is almost the same as dolphins. Most adult manatees can grow to be about 9 pounds. They could weigh about 1,000 pounds. The calf of a mother manatee can weight over 60 pounds. Manatees eat plants in a slow methodical way. Manatees have side fins that resemble flippers. This helps them move through the water.

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