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  • What are the causes of malnutrition in the world?
    What are the causes of malnutrition in the world?
    There are various reasons why people are suffering from malnutrition in this world right now. Some already know that it is because of the lack of food. Are you aware of the other reasons? Poverty is one of the most usual causes. People do not have enough money to buy the right food. Some would need to live with whatever food they can afford in their country. Sometimes, they do not have enough to feed everyone. There are also some countries that do not have enough access to food. Their places may not have enough resources to provide their needs. Climate change is also another reason as it is changing the way that plants grow. Some may not produce as much food as compared to before. Even the lack of a water source is a reason for malnutrition.

  • What is the difference between malnutrition and undernutrition?
    What is the difference between malnutrition and undernutrition?
    Some assume that malnutrition and undernutrition are the same. This is not true. Undernourished refers to people who are not as tall as they should be for their age. Their weight is also lower than other people their age. Those who are undernourished may also look like they are wasting away because they are dangerously thin. Overnourished people, on the other hand, may not always look like they are not getting enough nutrition. Yet, when their health is checked, there would be signs that they are not as healthy as they should be. Malnutrition is the term used not only for those who are undernourished but also those who are overnourished.

  • What are the negative effects of malnutrition among adolescent?
    What are the negative effects of malnutrition among adolescent?
    There are actually no good side effects that can be achieved by malnutrition. While some people may say that malnutrition can make them lose weight, this is not exactly a good thing as the body is being deprived of what it should get. Malnutrition can cause the muscles to become soft which can make a person feel generally weaker. The body will also not offer enough protection especially when the weather is cold. Some feel that their sex drive is not as good as it used to be anymore. They may find it hard to perform whenever they have to. Some will also have trouble in being fertile because the body does not get the proper nutrients it needs.

  • What countries are suffering from malnutrition the most?
    What countries are suffering from malnutrition the most?
    There are various countries in the world that are suffering from malnutrition because of various reasons. There are some who are having this problem because their country does not have enough natural resources. There are some who have this problem simply because their government is not providing enough help to people. The people in the government keep on getting richer while the rest of the people suffer from not having enough food to eat. Some countries that are experiencing malnutrition are the following: Zambia, Angola, Ethiopia, Haiti, and the Central African Republic. Take note that there are people from all countries of the world that are suffering from malnutrition. Malnourished people are not limited to the countries mentioned above.

  • What foods should we eat during malnutrition?
    What foods should we eat during malnutrition?
    There are a lot of food products that you are encouraged to eat when you are malnourished. Aside from the usual fresh fruits and vegetables that generally everyone needs, you are also encouraged to eat more carbohydrates. Have a diet that is rich in rice, potatoes, and bread. You should also consider eating more protein. You can have more fish in your diet as well as lean meat. You may want to add some beans to your food too. It will make a huge difference in how well your body will recover from malnutrition. It will also help if the reasons for becoming malnourished will be removed. You may also take supplements to improve your overall health.

  • Why can this food item lead to malnutrition?
    Why can this food item lead to malnutrition?
    It is high in sugars and saturated fats

  • What age group people are commonly affected by malnutrition?
    What age group people are commonly affected by malnutrition?
    Children are usually the most affected by malnutrition in this world. They are usually powerless to do anything because they do not know how they can find food sources. Some of them have parents who can only afford a small amount of food and it is not usually enough to keep them healthy. Children. It is best that the government can make programs that will help children get better food. For instance, they can provide food during lunchtime so that the children will have enough food to eat. There should also be food that will be sold for a lower price as compared to the others so that parents will be able to afford more food not only for their children but for themselves too.

  • Who are at the more risk of malnutrition?
    Who are at the more risk of malnutrition?
    There are different people who are more at risk of acquiring malnutrition. Those who live in the slums may become more malnourished because they do not have enough funds to purchase the nutritious food that their body should get. Even those who are stressed out all the time have a bigger chance of becoming malnourished as compared to those who are not too stressed out as the body will find it harder to absorb the nutrients from the food they eat. Those who are stressed also have the tendency to consume junk food more often than healthy food. Some people with health conditions have a higher chance of becoming malnourished because the body is unable to distinguish the nutrients that are needed in order for the body to stay healthy.

  • Why does malnutrition mostly occur in children?
    Why does malnutrition mostly occur in children?
    One of the main reasons why children are more likely to develop malnutrition is because of their poor sanitation and hygiene. Those who are living in developing areas may not always have the means to bathe and to get proper food. They will then become deficient in vitamins. Children are more affected because they are still in the development process. The lack of the vitamins and nutrients they need may lead to some diseases that will make them even more malnourished such as getting intestinal worms and developing diarrhea. There are also some children who are suffering from chronic diseases that will be more prone to malnutrition as compared to others.

  • What has the government done to reduce malnutrition?
    What has the government done to reduce malnutrition?
    Malnutrition is known to be one of the causes of being unhealthy. Not receiving enough nutrients cause children and adults to become weaker. They are unable to function properly because of the complications that they are experiencing. The different governments of various countries have done programs in order to make people who do not have enough funds to get the nourishment that they need. They have feeding programs and there are also soup kitchens that are meant to provide food for the hungry. The problem with this is that stocks for these programs are limited. Some people are still not getting enough. Perhaps the government should make an effort to do more research about what can truly help the people. Knowledge will help those in government formulate a new program that will be more effective for those in need.

  • What can we do to prevent malnutrition on a personal level?
    What can we do to prevent malnutrition on a personal level?
    How will you know if you are malnourished? You are probably going to experience some signs and symptoms that will let you know that you are. You may feel that your muscles are almost non-existent. You may also feel weak all the time. The best thing for you to do is to seek your doctor’s help. You need to make sure that you are not suffering from any condition that is stopping your body from absorbing the nutrients that should be received from food. Once this is clear, you can make some choices that will improve your health overall. You need to be more conscious of the food that you eat. It is best to stick with foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals. Avoid eating food items that are high in salt and sugar. Your doctor may recommend some supplements that will help the absorption of nutrients better.

  • What are the common symptoms of malnutrition?
    What are the common symptoms of malnutrition?
    Malnutrition may manifest in different ways. Those who are suffering from it may not have the appetite in order to eat food that they are required to consume. They may also feel that they are tired all the time as the body is unable to get the nutrients in minerals that it needs to survive. Some may feel that they are irritable for no reason. Those who have this condition may also notice that there are times when they get sick more often. If they would get wounds, their wounds do not heal immediately. When a person who regularly eats food start experiencing these symptoms, going to the doctor is the most obvious solution.

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