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  •     A force is a vector because it has direction and newtons.
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  • Applied force is force applied by muscles.
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  • Gravity is a non-contact force and it is a force of attraction between two objects.
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  • Years of pressure can change the form of minerals (like diamonds and oil). The great pressure of the Earth helps to __________________ them. 
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  • The guild of fireman worked together to stop the piano from ___________________ to the ground from the 21st floor as it hung over the edge, ready to fall. 
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  • After the storm, the shore was a scene of utter _______________ not a human being or animal to be seen. Fallen branches were a testament to the _____________ of the storm, things had been whipped around everywhere. 
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  • First you....
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  • then you...
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  • then...
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  • Sally is at a carnival, and sees a stand that sales fried oreos, and decided that she want to try one but is on a diet how many calories does a fried oreo contain?
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  • Deon is having a birthday party for the begining of summer, Deon decided to make fried oreos what will deon cover the oreo in to fry it.?
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  • Deon also wants to know how many step will it take to compelte the oreos. How many step are there?
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