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I smell blood! these quizzes, that is! How well do you know the lymphatic system? Do you know what the fluid that circulates around it is called? That's right, the "lymph"! That by the way is the subject of these quizzes. Feeling a sudden rush of blood to your head? Well, that's just you getting a bit excited. You must know a thing or two about the lymph, don't you?
What is it composed of? Any idea on how it travels around the lymphatic system? If these are too elementary for you, then go straight onto our quizzes. We have a lot more where those came from! Some that might actually give you the challenge you seek! Are you ready for some bloody action? Well here's what you've been looking for. Test your knowledge with our quizzes on the "Lymph".
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    Lymph travels in one direction only, towards the heart

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    Lymph system does not deliver lymph to kidneys for filtration.

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